a new breed of collectibles

A Burn is the Official Digital Edition of an artwork

When you own a Burn, you know you own the only, official & exclusive, digital version of that artwork. It was forged by Wall Burners in full cooperation with the Artist and there will never be another one. The Artist guarantees it in the authenticity certificate that comes with it.
It’s the closest you can get to owning the actual wall.

Burns, collections and drops

Burns are dropped as part of collections created in tight collaboration with the artists themselves. Collections have a standard 4 week drop schedule so you have plenty of time to decide if you want to invest. Wall Burners plans to drop a new collection every 3 weeks.

Burns typically contain

  • Unique ultra-high definition images
  • Exclusive footage
  • Timelapse of artworks creation
  • Exclusive artist interviews
  • In-progress pictures
  • Authenticity certificate

Secured and encrypted just for you

Burns are highly-secured digital assets that are re-encrypted at each transaction to guarantee you are the only one able to enjoy it. So when you buy one, the previous owner can’t access the content anymore. High resolution content never travels without protection.

Burns live inside the Wall Burners app (download here) that uses advanced DRM technology to guarantee the content is only viewable on one device at the time, just like a physical artwork. And just like a real artwork, you can pass it on, lend it or rent it but it can only be displayed in one room at a time.

And no other copy is left lying around

No copy of those high definition pictures remains on the internet at the moment you buy them. We enforce a strict process to destroy any remaining copy on any camera, computer or cloud drive we have used in the production process.

We only keep one version of the files on a drive disconnected from any network. For safekeeping.

Get exclusive museum-quality prints signed by the artist

Owning a Burn also allows you to purchase museum-quality prints of your artwork numbered and with the Artist’s original signature. We produce those prints in exclusive partnership with Paris’ highest quality photo lab : Labortatoire Picto.

Our unique process allows you to own the best printable version of your artwork and guarantees that all digital files have been destroyed after printing.

Note : this service will be available to all Burn owners starting June 2022.

Support the street community

Wall Burners works with local support associations, so when you purchase a burn, a share of the transaction goes back to the street and especially to those who need it the most : the homeless community.

Read more about this initiative


You can read more about it here, but it only takes a few steps to enjoy a Burn