Meet the team

Hear the plan

“Wall Burners is committed to create a new breed of digital artworks.

We believe Art and Technology  must work hand in hand to make it happen.”

Federico Benincasa
Federico BenincasaCEO
EPFL Engineer, Silicon Valley veteran, ad-tech entrepreneur, CPO and Product SVP for several large tech companies EU & US. Playwright and passionate about history.
Antoine Bonavita
Antoine BonavitaCTO
Telecom Paris Engineer, geek at heart, former CTO at StickyAds (ad-tech) and other startups in diverse areas such as video-on-demand or payment.
Arthur Bessaud
Arthur BessaudArt Director
Founder of Galerie Démasqués, urban contemporary art. Producer of a 4 seasons docu-serie about urban art “Démasqués”
Maia Kerchache
Maia KerchachePublic Relations
Art advisor and head of contemporary art exhibitions around the world, expert in primitive arts. Dj and international producer.

Burns are just the beginning.

We believe in a radically new hybrid artistic experience expanding across digital and real.

And we have a plan.